10 Tips On How To Plan A Surprise Party

A surprise party can be the ultimate way to show them they mean the world to you. But to pull it off, and pull it off well, you need to make sure that you’ve got the basic factors nailed. Here are the top ten tips for pulling off a surprise party to remember:

  1. Simplify the guest list. The more people you invite, the more complicated you make the party and the more likely it is someone will let the cat out of the bag. Invite their close friends, colleagues you’re sure they will want there and family members. Create a private Facebook event or Whatsapp group to keep everyone updated and communication open. Remind guests often that it is a surprise- and be wary of telling children! As exciting as it is for them to be in on the secret, we don’t want to run the risk of exciting voices letting slip.  
  2. Start planning early. Picking a venue, finding caterers and getting a definite guest list can take time. Take the pressure off by booking things in early, that way you have ample time to deal with bumps in the road, should they occur. 
  3. Create a budget and stick to it. It is easy to get carried away when you are planning a Birthday Party or another special occasion for a loved one. You want it to be just right and ideas on top of ideas can lead to a party getting out of control. Before you get this far, decide what you can afford and stick to it. So many ideas and creations can be done cheaply or for free so take full advantage of this. 
  4. Enlist help. Use the talents of others to get as much help as possible. If Auntie Flo is a dab hand at crafts, rope her in to do the invites. If Uncle Jerry has a way with words, get him to negotiate a discount on the venue. Family and friends will want to help and feel much more connected to their loved one on the event, having given a helping hand. 
  5. Plot your story. You want to keep it a surprise, yet somehow you need to get them to the venue, suited and booted and on time. HOW? Your alternative plot needs to be realistic and well thought out. 
  6. Keep the menu simple. Consider their favourite foods and make a simple version of this to serve your guests. The last thing you want to be doing on the night is serving platters of food so serve simple hot food guests can serve themselves to keep things easy on yourself. 
  7. Print photos new and old. You want your guest of honour to feel nostalgic and special on their big day. Personalising small details can really make all the difference. Find as many photos from their childhood upwards and with as many guests as you can add a real golden touch to the occasion.  
  8. Create a playlist. Music is essential at a party, and even if you are hiring a DJ, making a list of all their favourite tunes is a great way to personalise a surprise party. This can take time and be hard to figure out, so leave yourself plenty of time. Make a note of which songs they mention, sing along to on the radio and get their kicks off to. 
  9. Keep decorations at a friend’s house. The last thing you want is your guest of honour to stumble across their own party decor! Minimise the risk by keeping all of the bumf at a friends or relatives house.
  10. Park out of the way! The last thing you want right before the final moment is your guest of honour to recognise cars parked down the road. Encourage guests to get a taxi or walk, that way there will be no clues to find. 


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