5 Gifts Beer Drinkers Will Down In One

When we discuss someone’s personality traits, one of the first things we tend to know about them is whether they enjoy a beverage or two. " Danny doesn’t mind a beer", "Charlie loves a glass of wine". Sound familiar?

So when it comes to gifts for the friends, family, or colleagues a popular choice is an alcohol-related one. Let me now tell you about the top 5 gifts every beer drinker will down in one.


One of the most popular gifts around. It has been on our shelves for years. From Pewter tankards which have been engraved, to mass made glass tankards saying Dad, a popular birth age, or your favourite football team. This one has elegance though and is a proper man’s pint tankard. You can choose any name you want on, even the one you’re called down the pub (within reason). You can pop a date in too most commonly a year of birth or a year related to the gift. A gift with longevity which is just yours and only yours.

#2 Boot Beer Glass

personalised boot beer glass santa3 and a half pints of your favourite Beer in one sitting. Don’t enjoy too many refills of this, or you may need a helping hand into bed before Santa pops down the chimney. The ultimate Christmas gift, a must for the festive season and perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a beer, in the time of festivities. At 3 and half pints though, please be careful not to fill up your special glass with bootleg beer. (Excuse the pun).


#3 Quarter Yard Of Ale

Yard Ale Personalised Beer GiftThis stand and glass design means you can get away with having a quarter yard of ale at the ready as part of the home décor. It’s classy and contemporary and can have your name in full view. A perfect and unique gift for the home brewer and household drinker. You won’t have to stray the mind too far to think of friends and family who wouldn’t mind this in their home.

#4 Shot Glass Trug

shot glass personalised gift boxOk, so it’s not beer related……..But let’s be honest, which beer drinker wouldn’t appreciate this gift because where there’s often beer, shots aren’t too far away. They just look good, they look classy and sure to impress anyone when this personalised trug with coloured shot glasses are brought out to the party.

personalised craft beer stripe bottleEvery beer lover dreams of owning their own brewery, make their dreams come true with their very own personalised beer bottle label – it’s the next best thing. You can personalise the label to match any special occasion, the bottle looks stylish and it will keep the beer thieves at bay.


Want more beer and cider inspired gifts?

You can find hundreds of personalised beer gifts on Personally Presented, from beer tankards to wall decorations.

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