5 Gifts Foodies Will Gobble Up

When buying for the foody in your life it can be hard to pick out the things they’ll really love among the sea of “one-size-fits-all” options. Because after all, you want to indulge their food-loving nature but without getting them something run-of-the-mill that every other foodie already has! That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 5 gifts that all foodies are guaranteed to love, read on for some serious inspiration.


  1. Wooden cheese board


personalised heart cheese boardWho doesn’t love a good cheeseboard? But forget your bog-standard ones. This cheeseboard is made from sustainable Hevea wood and even has an integrated speciality knife compartment, so your favourite foodie can store all their cheese paraphernalia! Top it off with a personalised message and you’re definitely on to a winner with this one. 


  1. Personalised apron


personalised apron lets cookAll foodies love a good BBQ, and they’re usually the ones manning it throughout the day, making sure everyone has a burger in their hands at all times! Let them truly take this title with a personalised apron, so everyone at the BBQ can see who the top foodie is.


  1. Prosecco gummies jar


personalised prosecco gummy jarNow which foodie doesn’t appreciate a nice glass of the bubbly stuff, but why stop at just a tipple? This jar of prosecco gummies gives them the flavour they love in a tasty sweet format! Non-alcoholic, these chewy bottle-shaped gummies are simply perfect for the prosecco lover in your life to enjoy at any time of the day. With doubt the best part of this gift is the personalised message on the front of the jar, so make it thoughtful!


  1. Slate cake stand


personalised cake standContinuing with the sweet theme, it’s time to inject a bit of elegance in your favourite foodie’s life with this slate cake stand. Perfect for entertaining guests with the finest homemade cakes and other goodies, the stand is made from locally produced slate and is a truly thoughtful gift for foodies who love to entertain.


  1. Personalised mug


personalised mugAnd finally, a nice hot drink to wash down all that delicious food, but in a gorgeously personalised mug, of course! Made from lightweight bone china, the mug comes engraved with the message “You brighten up my day!” together with a personalised message of your choice. A fantastic gift for any foodie to accompany their meal with.


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