5 Gifts That Will Make Your Furry Friends' Tail Wag

We don’t need an excuse or a reason to treat our furry friends… Or buy homeware to remind us of them! Here are our top 5 favourite pet related accessories!

Cat or dog cushion cover

Always love a homeware accessory to show how much we love our pooches. How cute are these pet cushion covers? Personalise them with your furry friend’s name!

Wooden dog brush

We love this personalised double-sided doggy brush, with thick black bristles on one and combing metal bristles on the other.

Personalised Rachael Hale 'you're The Cat's Whiskers' Mug

Cuppa, anyone? We don’t think anything beats a cuppa of your favourite brew, in your favourite mug!

Greedy Dog bowl

We love this big dog bowl with your pup’s name on it!  

‘Dog Needs Walking’ sign

How handy and cute is this little sign for your home? Super easy to let your partner or family members know whether your pooch has been walked, or still needs walking.


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