5 Joyful Keepsake Gifts For The New Bundle of Joy

A thoughtful, high-quality gift for the beautiful newborn can become a treasured keepsake that they’ll go on to cherish and look after for the rest of their lives. Give them something to look back on with fond memories with our top 5 picks of the most joyful keepsake gifts for new babies.


  1. Personalised wooden trinket box


personalised keepsake boxA trinket box is a truly timeless object for a new born baby, a place where their mother can store their first precious memories and photographs, and an item they’ll hold on to forever to look back on their childhood with fond memories. This one is made from high-quality oak and can be engraved with a personalised message and four large photos.


  1. Personalised yo-yo


personalised yoyo keepsake for kidsA yo-yo is an iconic child’s toy that they can get hours of joy out of playing with, but this one is extra special. Nickel-plater, durable and customisable, this is a gift for a newborn that they can play with as they grow up, and treasure well into their adult years as a special gift from a loved one.


  1. Personalised baby vest


Personalised Silver Star Long Sleeved Baby VestA baby’s first baby vest or baby-grow is quite possibly the first item of clothing they’ll ever wear. For this reason it’s incredibly special, so by gifting the newborn their first garment you’re giving something for them and their family to reflect on that beautiful day for years to come.


  1. Carousel money box


Personalised Carousel Money BoxThis carousel, silver-plated money box makes for an absolutely stunning gift for the gorgeous little newborn. Perfect for his or her parents to start saving up the first few pennies for the future and the little horses even move up and down when the carousel is turned around. A truly one-off gift to be appreciated forever by the recipient and perfect both for little girls and boys. Highly recommended gift for Christenings.


  1. Personalised baby blanket


Personalised Blue Baby BlanketNewborns are quite often gifted with blankets, but how often will they receive a personalised one just for them? This makes for a fantastic gift idea for the new bundle of joy and is certainly an object which they will go on to keep and look after well into adulthood. There are also pink options for little baby girls.


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