5 Kids Party Games You Must Play

The oldies are the best, especially when it comes to kids’ party games. Don’t over complicate things-it is hard enough navigating a house full of children who are loaded up on sugar and excitement as it is. Instead, stick to this hot list of party games and add your own twist to each one depending on the theme for the party.

This way, the birthday child feels like the game has been made just for their special day and you can sweat the bigger stuff. Like the post-party clean.

kids birthday party ideas and gifts

Pin the tail on the… well, anything!

This classic tradition can be themed to suit any party. Simply DIY this timeless game using a piece of card, felt tips and sticky tack. Our personalised craft box can help you get set up.


Pass the parcel

A fun way to get everyone involved, including the adults, of course! Try alternating layers with sweets then forfeits to keep everyone amused. Our favourites here at Personally Presented HQ include: Say the alphabet backwards, talk about the birthday boy/girl for a whole minute and sing a nursery rhyme in the style of a farm animal!


Treasure hunt

For another inexpensive party game, tea stain plain paper to create an aged effect. With this, rip into pieces (as many as the birthday child’s name) and think up clues of places from around the house. Each clue should have a letter on the back that is from the child’s name. When all the pieces have been found, get them to unscramble the letters to reveal the name. Again, this can be done to suit any birthday theme for a girl or boy.

Chocolate game

Use this personalised chocolate bar to entertain all your guests. All you need is a pair of gloves, a woolly hat, knife and fork, and a dice. Sit in a circle and let the birthday king or queen begin. Take it in turns, when the first six is rolled, they have one minute to put on the hat and gloves and use the knife and fork to begin cutting the chocolate up. When the minute is up, they stop and the next person rolls the dice. Continue until the next six is rolled. Fabulous, messy fun and majorly competitive! Whoever gets to the chocolate, unwraps and breaks it off in a minute keeps as much as they can salvage!

 Duck, Duck Goose

Get the kids to sit in a circle, facing in. Choose the birthday child to walk around the circle, gently tapping each person saying ‘duck, duck.’ When this changes to ‘goose,’ that person stands up and chases the person and tries to tig them before they sit in their place.   


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