5 Precious Keepsake Gifts For Young Children

Kids these days really do have it all, from iPads to phones, laptops to games consoles, but they very rarely have something that they can truly treasure for years to come. By avoiding all the usual gifts and opting for something unique to gift a young child, you’re giving them something to cherish, a memory to look back on fondly and to use over and over again. Take a look at our top 5 gorgeous keepsake gifts for young children to get some ideas.


  1. Personalised Teddy Bears

personalised teddy bearA personalised teddy bear is a lovely gift idea for a young child who likes to seek comfort from soft toys, and they’re sure to love it even more if it’s got their name on it! Not only that but this is the kind of gift that they can keep and love for years to come.


  1. Personalised Pencil Tin

personalised pencil case with crayonsIt’s important to encourage a child’s creative side, to fuel their imagination and to give them some downtime from the screens we’re all surrounded with in this day and age. This personalised pencil tin gives a child the perfect reason to draw and colour in pictures to their heart’s content. As they get older they can even keep using it as a storage tin for other trinkets.


  1. Personalised Kids Baking Set

personalised kids baking setJust like with drawing, encouraging a child to indulge in their culinary interests drives their creative passions in life. A child-friendly, personalised cooking set is an excellent way to get a young child into the world of cooking and make them feel like a true little MasterChef in-the-making.


  1. Personalised Butterfly Backpack

personalised pink backpackMany little girls love all things pink, and especially when those things come with their name etched on them! A personalised backpack is a wonderful gift that a child will be proud to show off to their schoolmates, and which they are bound to keep as they grow up to reflect on their younger school years.


  1. Personalised Engraved YoYo

personalised yo yoA yo-yo is a toy that will simply never lose its novelty for young children, but this one is extra special. Made from stainless steel it will keep its brilliant, clean appearance and provides an everlasting memory of a special birthday, christening or other event.


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