5 Thoughtful Secret Santa Gifts Under £20

Some of us dread it when Secret Santa time rolls round – what can we get that is really thoughtful, perhaps even humorous, within the often limited budget restrictions? Not only that but what if we get assigned someone who’s taste we don’t really know? Shock horror!


Fear not, our range of personalisable and one-off gifts make a perfect choice for any Secret Santa situation, whether in the office, with friends or with family. The personalised aspect makes these gifts stand out from the rest, showing the recipient that you really took some time preparing their gift.


Take a look at our top 5 thoughtful Secret Santa gifts for budgets under £20 and prepare to be amazed at what your money can get you!


  1. Personalised “Coffee House” mug


personalised coffee mugWho doesn’t love a good personalised mug? It’s truly an all-round gift that tea and coffee lovers alike are bound to make endless use of, which is exactly why it makes a perfect Secret Santa gift. Simply pick the colour, add the person’s name and hey presto! You’ve got a fabulous, personalised gift that your recipient is sure to appreciate.


  1. Personalised “It’s time to wine down” glass


personalised wine glassWhile on the thread of drinking receptacles, we simply couldn’t resist putting this one on the list! This personalised wine glass is sure to go down a storm if your recipient loves a good glass of red…or white…or rose for that matter! The glass even comes with a silver folding box, ready to be presented as a gift. A dream Christmas gift.


  1. Personalised socks


personalised socksThis next one kind of goes hand in hand with our last suggestion, but there are plenty of other hilarious options to choose from, too! These festive personalised socks are a fantastic Secret Santa gift idea because they’re not only warm and cosy for the festive period but are also guaranteed to put a grin on the recipient’s face.


  1. Personalised red wine


personalised bottle of wineThis one would again of course be a perfect accompaniment to number 2 but is an equally fantastic gift in its own right! If you’ve pinpointed your Secret Santa recipient as a wine-lover you can really show that you’ve thought about them by gifting them this bottle of Shiraz which, literally and figuratively, has their name on it! Include a short message from you to really customise the gifting experience.


  1. Personalised framed print


personalised poster frameThis last one is a great all-rounder if you’ve really ran out of ideas and the first 4 wouldn’t cut it for your recipient. This floral bouquet poster can be personalised with their name and a short, meaningful message to add a bit of brightness to any living space, great if you know that your chosen Secret Santa has just moved into a new place.



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