6 Heart Warming Gifts Your Sweet Grandma Would Cherish

When it comes to buying gifts for your favourite grandma, forget useless trinkets that she’ll never use, or books that she’ll never read. It’s easier with older people to assume that you perhaps don’t need to spend as much time searching for the perfect gift for them, but this couldn’t be more wrong! Your grandma will appreciate something truly sweet and thoughtful, personalised by you. On that note, it’s your lucky day, because we’ve taken the leg work out of your hunt with these 6 heart-melting gift ideas that we’re sure your grandma would just love.


  1. Personalised Tea Box

personalised tea box giftIt’s a fact: grandparents love tea, it’s a drink that they enjoy every single day. This gift is beyond perfect for a tea-lover: a personalised box filled with a selection of teabags for your grandma to choose from. Super simple, yet very sweet and thoughtful.


  1. Personalised Grandma Trinket Box

personalised engraved trinket for grandparentsGrandmas are often great believers in keeping all of life’s little bits, odds and ends should they ever need them, or simply as memories or keepsakes. This little box gives your grandma the loveliest storage solution for all of life’s trinkets, bringing a smile to her face every time she opens it.


  1. Personalised Grandchild Wooden Photo Frame

personalised grandchild wooden frameOn the topic of memories, you can simply never go wrong with a picture frame. A treasured keepsake for your grandma to proudly display her photographs, or even better, why not take the customisation one step further and fill it with pictures of a family member to really complete the surprise.


  1. Personalised Bullet Vase

personalised bullet vaseFlowers are the perfect way to brighten up any home, and even more so if they’re displayed in a wonderful personalised vase! Your grandma is sure to love this piece, displaying it proudly for everyone to see with a message of your choice engraved on the front.


  1. Personalised Cake Stand

personalised cake tier cake standAnd why not make the tea and flowers a complete dream kitchen set with this wonderful slate cake stand. Truly a one-off, this gift gives your grandma a unique way to show off all the beautiful cakes she’s made.


  1. Personalised Clock

personalised clockAnd last but very much not least is this intricate little clock tower. Perfect for your grandma’s bedside table or just about anywhere in the house, this gift is also a touch of luxury with its silver plating.


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