7 Keepsakes That Will Stand the Test of Time

Moments soon become memories and we want to treasure them. We want to feel them, hold on to them and relive them once more.  When a photograph sparks the memory of a wonderful time, or a piece of jewellery brings us to tears, it’s the sentiment it holds that has value. And that, my dear, is priceless.

During a recent decluttering of my home, I began to sift through a plethora of my past. Boxes that had long been forgotten about, old photographs, random ticket stubs, a dusty New York subway timetable and some questionable t-shirt memorabilia. It got me thinking: Which keepsakes stand the test of time? Over the years I have regarded certain tangible objects as sacred and others seem to have lost their significance. Why did I keep that grey pebble? Flicking through an old photo album, one picture led to a whole load of (mostly) fond memories from my university days, a past life I’d forgotten about and good friends that have since passed. For that time, I felt young again and spent the afternoon in a fuzzy haze of my carefree days. I felt reconnected to the good friend I’d lost, remembered how much I had achieved over the years and reaffirmed my love for my family. It’s important to live in the here and now, but once in a while it’s even more important to take a trip down memory lane.  

Here are 7 keepsake gifts that will not only stand the test of time, but continue to indulge us in what once was.

Personalised Baby Giraffe Keepsake Box

Begin a time capsule just for them with this classic keepsake box. This high quality pine wood, personally engraved, will be brought out time and time again to remember those precious early moments. From their first booties to photographs of their first smile, this will hold lasting memories of a lifetime.

Personalised Our Special Place Heart Keepsake

Even if you’re tired of hearing the ‘engagement’ story, she won’t be tired of telling it. So embrace it with this unique and thoughtful reminder of that special day. This beautiful keepsake is designed to fit with any style of décor. Create a one-off piece of art for an occasion she’ll never forget, and neither will you.   

Personalised Adventurer’s Brass Sundial and Compass

Sure, they want to travel light. But with this treasured companion they will always find their way home to you. This beautiful brass treasure will be with them every step of the way as they embark on their journey of a lifetime. Not only is it sentimental, it’s practical too. With a fully functioning nautical compass and unique sun dial feature.


Classic Personalised Leather Women's Watch in Stone with Black Dial 

A classic gift that really will stand the test of time. Its rose gold detail makes this modern in design, suiting all complexions and skin tones. Turn it from practical into sentimental with your very own message to make this a lasting, timeless gift.


Personalised Traditional Nursery Rhymes Embossed Classic Hardback

A beautifully illustrated book of classics that will take you right back to your childhood. This collection of nursery rhymes is not only a timeless gift, it’s a magical way to introduce the rhymes you know and love to the next generation. Designed as a keepsake as well, you can write your own message to ensure this will be loved and cherished forever more.


Personalised Stamp Travel Document Holder

This will become their favourite companion that will journey with them as their big adventure begins! A stylish way to organise documents, this holder will see them through their voyage and become part of the memories too.


Personalised 1st Christmas in Our New Home Bauble

Start off a tradition and celebrate your new home with this keepsake bauble. Display it affectionately year on year as you reflect on the memories you have made along the way. This gift is one that will never be forgotten and will bring joy and love each festive season.


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