7 Seriously Sweet Party Ideas For Your Little Boy!

Catering for boisterous boys on their birthday can be tough. They’re energetic, enthusiastic and excitable; a tough crowd if you don’t NAIL IT. So, as a way of channelling some of that pent up energy, Personally Presented bring to you some awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping party ideas to keep your little Prince the King of parties...

Lego Building Party

An all-round winner for kids and adults (mainly adults!). Companies can come in and take all the hard work out of it for you by organising activities, building lego structures and they provide all the brickage you will need. A more budget-friendly, and possibly more fun option, is to plan this yourself. Theme it around any idea that floats their boat, give them some freedom to get creative, then end with a sit-down make-and-do session to gather back your sanity. The guests can take home their creation as a slight twist on a party bag, meaning the memories of the day will be treasured for years to come. 

Superhero Fancy Dress

Traditional fancy dress parties cease to fail in children’s eyes. A fairly simple concept to organise, simply choose their favourite characters to dress them up in. For a twist on this classic idea, however, have the children come in their normal and clothes and provide a box of props and costumes for them to invent their own superhero. This will provide some priceless photo opportunities to treasure forever. 


If your bunch of boys have enough energy to release a small shuttle into space, then a trampolining party is for them. This way, all the mess- I mean ‘fun’- stays away from your front living room and they get to jump, flip and bounce until their heart is content. An organised party event will often see the staff at the venue keeping the kids entertained with a few games and tricks so whilst they jump for joy, you can relax and enjoy the fun from afar with a brew. 

Nerf Gun Party

They’ll have a blast on the battlefield with an organised Nerf gun party. A safe, fun way to support sportsmanship, integrity and team skills all in one go. Traditional games such as Capture the Flag, Civil War, Retrieve the Bomb, Speed Nerf, Snatch & Grab and The Predator are typical games and the boys will just love playing action hero for the day. 

Mad Scientist 

Get ready for an explosive time with this creative party idea. Children dress up and take part in their own wacky experiments. With a few bangs, pops and whizzes, this is a sure way to fire their imaginations and spark some curiosity. 


An outdoor adventure is a great way for best friends to build lasting memories, even if it is in the back garden! There is so much to be explored, be it hunting for wildlife, toasting marshmallows or singing campfire songs, the lads will have the adventure to remember for life with this birthday treat. 

Reptile Zoo

A zoo that comes to you?! Madness! However, this birthday party idea really scales up in terms of the imagination as children get to see, touch and interact with a range of creepy crawlies, perfect for boys who have bugs as their best friends!


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