Brexit Through The Gift Shop

We've recently launched a new collection of personalised gifts that have been inspired by the once in a generation event, aptly named, Brexit Through The Gift Shop.

Our light-hearted Brexit inspired gifts are suitable for both leave and remain supporters as well as those who are just plain fed-up.

The collection includes a “No Deal Brexit Piggy Bank”, the perfect gift for those worried about how Brexit will affect their finances. 

A “Brexit Countdown Block” to help them countdown the days, weeks, months [or years] until the UK exits the EU. The countdown gift does not include any guarantee the event will happen nor are Personally Presented responsible for any delays or cancellations.

The personalised “Take a Break From Brexit Tea Box” is a considerate gift for those family and friends looking to take a break from Brexit, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. 

Other gifts include a “Personalised Escape Brexit Passport Holder” and a “Personalised Camembert Brexit Heart Slate Board”.

➡️ You can explore the full "Brexit Through The Gift Shop" collection here.


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