Christmas Gifts For Parents Who Have Everything

Parents. They’re such a pain. Swooning us with the best gifts; their thoughtful and expensive gestures indulge us every Christmas and have done since forever. Their generous nature means they don’t forget a single, memorable event in the calendar year and leave us feeling the pressure. The pressure of returning the favour. Of course, we want to indulge them and thank them for all their great input. But what happens when they already have a lot of ‘stuff’? When they can afford anything, have everything, where do we grab a gift that encapsulates our gratitude? We want it to mean something to them and at the same time be useful and impressive. We’ve passed the stage of homemade handprint cards being ‘cute’ now, yet somehow, a gift that has the personal touch always does go down well with the oldies. So, in order to put a smile on their face this festive season this collection of thoughtful and personalised swag will allow you to reciprocate their generosity this Christmas.

Our Special Place Heart

Put your folks on the map with this special place heart. A unique gift just for them, your parents will be blown away with the imagination and creativity you’ve had on this one. Mark a wedding day, anniversary or special holiday so they can relive their treasured times with this beautifully illustrated map. A precious gift to last forever.



Personalised Wreath Chopping Board

The best gift you can give your parents is time. Time together, at the family home. Bring to them this quirky, personalised chopping board to celebrate the whole family being together. This natural wood board can be brought out every year at the festive season to carve out special family memories.




Prestige Luxury Towel Set

Their house is their home- but what if it could feel like a hotel? With these luxurious personalised towels they are sure to be feeling the top of your Christmas list. Gift wrapped in a deluxe black gift box and ribbon, this comes complete with a hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet. The ultimate gift in luxury and style.


Personalised Stamp Travel Document Holder

If your parents fly by the seat of their pants during their senior years, this handy document holder is the perfect way to help them travel the world and keep you close to them. Made from leather and with a metal studded holder, this is the ultimate gift for your jet setting folk.



Engraved Book Photo Frame

It can be tough expressing our feelings and love and gratitude to our parents face to face. It is difficult to get across the true meaning they have in our hearts. With this engraved book photo frame, you can find the right words to etch on to their hearts forever. Partner this with a perfect family photo, you have found them the gift of true meaning that can be forever treasured on their hearts and enjoyed every day.




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