Five Ways To Figure Out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size On The Sly

Are you at that exciting period of your life where you’re getting ready to pop the question to your girlfriend? Well, there’s one slight hitch in getting, well, hitched…and that is that you most likely don’t know her ring size offhand but you need to get it without her knowing. After all, the whole process must be seamless and, more importantly, come as a surprise! But don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with these five top tips on ways to figure out her ring size without her noticing anything at all.


  1. Use one of her other rings to get an idea


Probably one of the oldest and slickest tricks in the book this one! Is there one ring that your girlfriend always wears (preferably on her engagement finger)? Then take it discreetly one day when she’s not wearing it and head down to a jeweller who will be able to measure it up and give you the correct sizing.


  1. Enlist the help of one of her friends


This is a great option if you feel that you simply can’t get her size without her knowing. Ask one of her best friends (the one you trust the most) to try and get the information out of her as discreetly as possible. If discretion isn’t an option, her friend could even ask her outright, she still wouldn’t suspect a thing if it’s done smoothly!


  1. Slip it into conversation


This one requires some serious skill, but it’s definitely possible to slip jewellery into a conversation. Try disguising the question under the pretence that you’re getting a ring for a female relative’s birthday who has similar sized fingers to your girlfriend. Just make sure you execute it all totally naturally and you shouldn’t give anything way.


  1. Compare the size of her finger to yours


While this one can easily be done without your girlfriend realising, there is still a high margin for error if you don’t estimate it right. Compare the size of your fingers to hers and, with a bit of lucky guesswork, you’ll get her size right. But don’t fret, rings can be resized anyway!


  1. Size it up while she’s asleep


This is a sure-fire way of you getting her measurement correct, but it has to be done on maximum ninja mode. The best way is to wait until you’re sure she’s sound asleep, then, take a piece of paper and wrap it round her finger, marking the paper appropriately.  Finally, while it may seem obvious, remember to mark the right finger!


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