5 Personalised Gifts That Will Bring You Closer

We all know a thoughtful gift is one of the most popular ways to tell someone you love them, but where do you start?

The presents you buy will depend on a number of factors, your relationship and most importantly their personality traits, simple put everyone is unique.

Are you in a new relationship and looking for a fun and quirky gift but not too serious? Or, are you looking for that special gift that will stand the test of time and create everlasting memories?

Let’s have a look at the variety of personalised gifts available that will bring you closer together.


personalised compass

Yes, it’s a compass, but in order for you to find your way home just look at the message on the back. It’s a romantic gift that’s classy, it’s a keepsake and a reminder of those who mean the most to you.


#2 Personalised Guitar Plectrum

personalised guitarSimple, yet effective. If your partner as a passion for music or even better plays the guitar then this gift is a winner. “No strings attached”.


#3 Personalised Breakfast Tray

personalised bed and breakfast plateHas anybody ever complained about breakfast in bed? Of course not, do it properly with this rustic style slate plate. You can personalised it with 3 initials for your special someone.


#4 Personalised Silver Bracelet

personalised braceletProviding a list of gifts without mentioning jewellery was always going to be difficult. This fine silver vine design is elegant and unique. She’ll love it.


#5 Personalised Champagne Box

personalised champagne boxChampers not included! But here is an idea, why not add the cork to the box for every year your married, with your own little message for each year you share together.


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