How Much Will Each UK City Spend on Christmas Gifts This Year?

It’s no secret that gift buying can be an exciting part of the preparation during the festive season. The looks on their faces when they open the perfect gift makes all the budgeting and organisation worthwhile. But do we all spend the same on gifts across the country? Our poll found that families with children plan to spend up to a whopping £800 on gifts this year - with those in Liverpool splashing out the most on their loved ones.

Overall, the average Brit spends between £400-£600 at Christmas, including gifts, food, decorations, party nights and outfits. Sheffield and Glasgow are also full of the Christmas spirit with an average spend of around £700 to make their Christmas magical. The poll found that in general, people wanted to indulge their friends just as much as their family members.

The most modest spenders, according to the survey, include Bristol (£380) and Brighton (£422) who are taking a more economic approach to shopping this year. With people having to start saving from April to manage their finances over the festive period. On average, they are planning to spend between £20 - £40 on family presents and a more generous £100 on their children.

Sandra Dee, Head of Gifting at Personally Presented said, "What we spend at Christmas shouldn’t be the measure of our generosity - it’s the personal touch and thought behind the gift that truly matters."

So how do the other cities around Britain hold up in the spending ranks this year? Here’s a rundown from the top spenders to the bah-humbugs:

  • Liverpool £800
  • Glasgow £711
  • Sheffield £689
  • Manchester £612
  • Leeds £600
  • London £593
  • Birmingham £547
  • Bradford £534
  • Edinburgh £521
  • Cardiff £420
  • Brighton £422
  • Bristol £380


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