Seven Gift Ideas For Tricky Dads

With Sunday 17 June ringed in red on the calendar, now is the time to plan your Father's Day gift. Finding a special gift for Dad can be tricky but anything that reminds them that they are unique and special will always be a winner.


Coastal Water Colour Personalised Cushion Cover

personalised cushion coverThis can be a simple declaration of love like 'Dad you're simply the best' or it can be amusing -'Dad - stop getting crumbs on the sofa' or 'Daddy slouches here' any other well known catch phrases in your household. You can have the cushion cover made in your Dad's favourite too. There is a down side though, he probably won't let anyone else use HIS cushion!


County Style Cufflinks

personalised cufflinks with map locationIf your Dad has to wear a suit for work, why not get him some really smart cufflinks for his shirt? These cufflinks are extra special as you can choose the map section that they display... it can be your home town, work town on one cufflink, home town on the other or what about  his favourite seaside town? They not only look smart but they have a secret meaning too...


Best Father Travel Mug

personalised covered mug in blueWell this will be a popular gift with Dad as it is the ideal way to keep his cuppa warm when he is out gardening, car washing or pursuing his hobby. If you have your birth year added then it will definitely bring a smile to his face when he sees it as well as some nostalgia as he remembers you as a wee bairn!


Gentleman Dad's Wine Box 

personalised gentlemen wine boxNow what Dad could resist this elegant gift box? With a good bottle of red wine inside, your Dad will definitely appreciate your gift and of course, Dad being Dad, he will find a good use for the box afterwards!


Men's Personalised Expandable Canvas Wash Bag

personalised canvas wash bagThis is a very special gift as Dad would never buy something smart like this simply for his toiletries! Perfect for business trips and family holidays and large enough to take all his shaving kit too, this bag is sure to be a winner.


BBQ King Apron

personalised bbq apronWhich Dad doesn't think he is King of the Barbie? Dad will love this apron with his name emblazoned on his chest for when he is sizzling the sausages on the charcoal and Mum will love it too as it might just save his clothes from the washing machine for an extra few hours! The apron is 100% cotton.


Personalised Card Holder

personalised engraved business card holderNow your Dad probably does have business cards but can he always lay his hands on them or does he have to flick through his wallet or folded bank notes? Save him the problem with this smart car holder which you can have personalised with a fun message about his personal deck of cards!


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