Wedding Gift Lists - How to Ask Nicely

So, your special day is fast approaching, maybe you’ve just moved into a new place to begin your life together, or perhaps you’ve got a big honeymoon coming up after the wedding. Either way, you’re aware that people are going to be buying you gifts to celebrate your matrimony, and wouldn’t it just make sense for them to get things that, well, that you need?


It’s certainly a tricky topic to approach: how do you go about actually asking for things? After all, a gift is a gift and should be appreciated no matter what, right? Well, no, not necessarily. Wedding gift lists go by a slightly different etiquette, read on and we’ll go over the top 3 ways to ask nicely for them.


  1. Build a gift list online


This is probably the easiest and most widely practised wedding gift list etiquette. You simply choose a website which offers a variety of items for your guests to offer and include all the things you’d really love to receive on your wedding day. The guests can then simply go onto the list, find a gift which matches their price range, purchase it and that’s one ticked off. There are also dedicated wedding gift list building websites where you can add products from several different retailers. Send the link for the list to your guests, highlight that their presence at your wedding is more than enough, but here is a list of gift ideas if they would like to get one.


  1. Asking for cash


Okay, you might wince at the thought of straight up asking for cash gifts from your guests, but it can be done. Let your guests know in the invitation that, if they were thinking of getting you a gift for your wedding day, that you are not seeking traditional gifts but rather contributions towards your dream honeymoon, or towards buying a new sofa set when you move into your new place together. Again, make it clear that this is totally up to the guest but that you would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Write a poem


The idea of this one may also make you cringe, but it’s another popular choice when it comes to requesting certain kinds of gifts from your wedding guests. A simple wedding poem on your invitation can be a cute, polite and original way of doing this. Something like:


As we’ve lived together for a year or two,
We really don’t need anything new.
But if you were thinking of getting us a small wedding gift,
Some money for our honeymoon wouldn’t go amiss.


See? It’s not all that difficult, is it. Just make sure you’re sincere and word your invitations carefully and your guests will definitely get the message!


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