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Here at Personally Presented, we do our very best to shout about our personalised products. We design lovely emails and share updates on social till our thumbs give in. Whilst it's great for us to share updates, we also know that our fans want to hear opinions and thoughts from outside our company.

Whether you are a blogger, social influencer or a journalist putting together your latest gift guide, we want to hear from you. We'll send you a free product sample and all we ask is that you share your review of it on your social channels and/or online publication. Some of our best product development ideas as come via feedback from these channels.

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What are the qualities that you are looking for?

Thoughtful and honest editorial and an engaged community of readers.

Do accept YouTube reviews?

If you have a large engaged audience, we would certainly consider it.

Is there a price limit on the the gift(s) we can review?

We decide this on a case-by-case basis.

Do you have any guidelines on how the content should be written?

Nobody knows your audience better than you. The tone, content and so on is decided by you only.